MuGyul caught naked?

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Pics of Sukkie from daum bbs/KEungall…

Mary OST is out today! Along with it, comes news saying that the second OST would be released end of November. And instead of 3 songs, Sukkie would sing 4 songs in total. 2 in the first OST: Please, My Bus and My Precious. 2 more would be in the second OST (probably the one titled Request that was talked about in media before?) One of the song is a remake from Fukuyama Masaharu’s hit song :D

For the article: http://www.kpoplive….ed-on-the-15th/

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Jang Keun-suk holds first show of Japanese tour in Fukuoka..

Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk on his fan tour in Fukuoka [Tree J. Company]

Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk kicked off his fan tour “2010 JANG KEUN SUK JAPAN TOUR” over the weekend, meeting with about 3,000 fans in Fukuoka.

A press release from his agency Tree J. Company announced that Jang flew into the country last Thursday for his fan event held at Fukuoka’s Sunplace Hotel Hall the following day.

He opened the event by taking the stage to perform song “Promise U” from the hit SBS TV series “Minamishineyo” soundtrack and also sang “Please, My BUS!” from his latest drama KBS ‘”Marry me, Mary.”

The 23-year-old also surprised his fans by appearing in the audience seats to give his encore performance.

“I honestly didn’t think this many people would show up for the event and I find myself truly thankful that I have such great fans who show their support for me,” Jang was quoted as saying, adding that he will work hard to give a better performance for his upcoming shows.

Jang began his career at the early age of five as a catalog model and is well-known for his roles in MBC’s sitcom “Nonstop 4″ and drama “Beethoven Virus.”

He rose to super stardom in Korea and throughout Asia last year as the eccentric lead singer of the idol group ANJELL in the SBS TV series “Minaminshineyo” alongside actress Park Shin-hye.

He has returned to Korea to continue shooting “Marry me, Mary” as indie rocker Mugyul and will be in Hokkaido next week for the second stop of his fan tour.

Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk [Tree J. Company]

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Thanks Shiro@soompi forums

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :)

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‘Mary’ Moon Geun-Yeong and Jang Geun-Seok took a friendly photo together! ‘It will cause no more than a scandal!’

‘Geun-Geun couple’, Jang Geun-Seok and Moon Geun-Yeong, from KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Marry Me, Mary!’, revealed their leftover pictures during the shooting.

Jang Geun-seok and Moon Geun-yeong, who is acting as a simulation couple in this drama, showed off their youthfulness through these pictures.

They worked really well with an advantage of being same age. They monitor each other after the shooting and share their acting experiences with each other; they even take a cute pose when they find a camera.

Moon Geun-yeong said, “Jang Geun-seok is a very enthusiastic actor. He always breaks the ice in the shooting spot. Since we share many similarities, we are learning from each other a lot.”

Jang Geun-seok said, “Moon Geun-yeong is a very polite girl who say hello to all the staff before the shooting. Considering her small body, she has enormous energy. She is as friendly and bright girl as Mary from the drama.”

Staff of ‘Marry Me, Mary!’ said, ‘When we see Jang Geun-Seok and Moon Geun-Yeong together, all we can think about is a perfect and beautiful couple. They are the lives of the drama shooting and we feel really thankful to both of them.”

Source: + hancinema

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The Qualities of Jang Geun Suk’s ideal girl goes to…

Jang Geun Suk is one of the new generation of Hallyu stars today, popularly known as Hwang Tae Kyung in Minami Shineyo. He’s currently new drama is ‘Marry Me , Mary’ popularly known as ‘Mary Stayed Out all Night’ with his female partner Moon Geun Young ; a multi talented actress.

On their team up on the drama, netizens said that they had a great chemistry , and just looking to them you can say that they are real couple,

They texting & calling to each other and have a call name to each other, we can say that they’re really close.

On a recently interview , Jang Geun Suk said, “Geun Young is always respectful, bowing and greeting the staff members before anyone else. She has a lot of energy in that small body of hers. She’s such a bright, strong friend that being with her makes me feel better.”

But do you know that the qualities of Jang Geun Suk’s ideal girl is all at Moon Geun Young?

Yeah. Its true. All of those qualities is all from her.

Thats why when Jang Geun Suk knew that Moon Geun Young will be casted, he really cant explain his happiness.

Moon Geun Young accept the role, because of Jang Geun Suk also.

Actually, the photo were Moon & Jang is nearly to kiss is on Jang Geun Suk phone.

We dont know what is the real status of them, we just know that they have a special relationship that they cant explain.

Meanwhile, Marry Me Mary’s 3rd episode will be aired tomorrow on KBSTV.

source: koreannews + mary fb

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